Girl on Fire Program

October 6-December 22nd 

Tuesday Evenings


Girl on Fire is a 12 week empowerment program for girls. This session will focus on teen girls, ages 13-16. The goal of the program is to help participants become "acquainted" within themselves, finding their 10 most "Inner Treasures"


  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Worth

  • Confidence

  • Discernment

  • Resilience

  • Discipline

  • Optimism

  • Contentment

  • Connection

  • Essence

Weekly lessons will embody the teachings through various methods such as: movement, meditation, storytelling, crafts, affirmations and group discussions. Over the course of this program, we'll talk about things that dampen our inner flame and how we can protect our fire from these draining sources. We'll also discuss the many ways that we can nurture our flame, to keep the bonfire within glowing brightly!

Led by Kristen Lavallee, Awareness Facilitator and Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200 YA), a current student with Laurentian University's Bachelor of Social Work Program and passionate Youth Guide.

Kristen has trained under Jenny Kierstead- Girl on Fire Program Creator from Breathing Space in Halifax, N.S.  Kristen brings forth practical experience, support, understanding and empathy for the challenges and pressures that teen girls experience; social media influence, peer pressures, self-image/worldview, group think and more.

She is thrilled to have the opportunity to lead this program with A Space to Breathe in Sudbury, in an effort to help prepare young girls with the tools needed to live an empowered life.

Cost: $300+HST

Length: 12 weeks

Day/Time: Tuesdays from 6-8pm.

Ages: 13-16

This program is not available via Zoom.

Mindfulness & Movement

October 3rd



During this 90 minute event, you will explore the foundations of the mind-body.


Beginning with the foundations of mindfulness, you will learn to apply tools and techniques, that aid in cultivating conscious awareness. The second portion will focus on bringing that awareness within breathwork and gentle yoga postures, linking breath to movement.


Led by Stacey E. Roles and Associates Emilie Hirschfeld, a CBT certified Psychotherapist and Registered Social Service Worker and Sherry Mayer, RYT 200, specializing in trauma informed therapy.

Limited to 9 Spaces.

Also Available via Zoom.

Sacred Sound Bowl with Nadia Carriere

October 24th


6:00-7:00 pm

Join Nadia for a journey in SOUND, using a variety of instruments including the revered gong, chimes, crystal and Tibetan bowls, steel hang drum, tuning forks, as well as vocals and mantras for an immersive experience.
There will be no movement during this workshop, all you will need is a yoga mat, and blanket.


Cost is $30 plus HST and space is limited, so please register if you plan on attending!


What is Sound Therapy?

Particular sounds can cause our brain waves to speed up or slow down. Sound alters the nervous system primarily because of entrainment. Entrainment shifts our brainwave state by changing the rhythm and frequency of the wave patterns. That is why during a sound healing session, your normal waking (beta) state shifts to (alpha) relaxed or (theta) meditative state.

Some people experience a type of conscious sleep, where they are self-aware, not in the physical sense, but more of a general awareness. Other people fall into a deep sleep (delta) where there is neither awareness of the physical body nor mental images. Healing and reprogramming is optimal in the theta and delta state, where it is almost impossible to be stressed or agitated.

Registration is required as space is limited. 


In-Class Sizes and Protocols:

  • Please register on our mind body app and book your classes as soon as possible, as they fill up rather quickly.

  • We suggest online bookings via mindbody, to avoid as much person to person contact as possible.

  • All scheduled classes are also available via Zoom.

  • Please wear a mask. You do not have to practice with it on, but can only remove it once on the mat. 

  • Hand sanitizer is available upon entry/exit.

  • Props and mats are not available for borrow at this time. You can purchase props with us; please see the menu for options.

  • We have disposable masks available for you if required.

  • The studio is well ventilated and cleaned thoroughly between classes.

  • We host no more than 3 in person classes per day, at 8 people per class plus the instructor. Each mat has 6 meters between them and our studio floors are marked, to help with mat placement.

  • Upon registration to a class, you will receive a confirmation email along with the pre-screening online health form. Please ensure its completion prior to class participation.

We've established robust studio safety measures, for a healthy and safe practice. We all have a part to contribute for both individual and community safety and thank you, for your support.

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