Stretching on a Mat

Join Nadia Carriere on October 31st, 2021, for a warm red light infused Yin Yoga class. Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga, incorporating principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with asanas that are held for longer periods of time. We'll be infusing the benefits of medical grade red light throughout the practice.


Clinically proven benefits of red light: *Increases cell energy production *Anti aging effects on the skin *Decreases inflammation *Increases antioxidant defenses *Boosts fat loss *Improves muscle recovery and strength *Increases brain health and performance *Improves eye health/macular degeneration *Improves libido *Enhances mood *Improves oral health *Improves autoimmune conditions


Pre-registration is required as we have a limited amount of space.

Yoga Session

Join John and Nadia for a journey in breath and sound. During this deep self care experience, you’ll learn the fundamentals of pranayama or breath work, before being bathed in healing sound. Breath is a powerful circular breathing practice. It is designed to help you churn up any stuck or stuffed down emotions, traumas, or other experiences that may be holding you back, to witness them and then purge them from your being whether they are from the past or present. 

In addition, using a variety of instruments including the revered gong, chimes, crystal and Tibetan bowls, steel hang drum, tuning forks, as well as vocals and mantras, you’re sure to have a cleansing and healing experience.