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I Tried Morning Yoga For A Week And This Is What Happened

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Being an intermediate yogi and not needing a whole lot of guidance, I pulled out my slightly worn out yoga mat and began a slow, 15-20 minutes relaxing session at 6:30 in the morning. I am used to at-home workouts, and I’m sure most of the world is at this point due to the pandemic, for those who are not and are a bit more of a beginner, I’d suggest finding a YouTube channel to help guide you, if you can't get to a studio.

Therapeutic Workout

After my short, self-guided session, I immediately felt at ease. I felt awaken, calm, and in tune with everything around me. It felt like the thing that was missing in my morning routine.

Sore Muscles

To my surprise, the soreness I felt in my arms, butt, and legs when I got out of bed the following day was shocking, but I was also impressed with how much yoga worked my muscles. I continued with my morning session that day. I moved passed the groans and grunts as I moved from pose to pose, and it actually relieved some of the soreness.


Getting Into a Routine

Working out in the morning was always a task for me, as I’m sure it is for a lot of you. I thought there was nothing worse than having to wake up and start sweating. Morning yoga changed my mindset. Morning yoga is now integral part of my morning routine. It’s not about working your muscles or breaking a sweat, but about focusing on your body and your breathing.



Although I would call myself slightly above average in flexibility, I have tight hamstrings and hips. My morning yoga wouldn’t let that slide and my hips and hamstrings were constantly being called out. As I continued each morning, I could feel that loosen up a bit and I can happily report at the end of my week I could cautiously ease down into Malasana for a couple of terrifying couple of minutes without injury.


I started seeing a little more definition in my arms and abs at the end of the week of my morning yoga routine. A week is hard to see any results in with a workout because you want lasting results and not just instant. But there was a little more toning in my triceps and my obliques were slightly more defined.

Quiet Brain

I like the feeling of accomplishment when I workout, but morning yoga gave a little more than just a tired body. I really tried to focus on quieting the mind while in the mist of my yoga practice. I was used to having a workout task to complete and then being able to let my mind wander to all the things going on in my life. Morning yoga brought attention to keeping my mind focused on the movements, and perhaps the workout was foreign, but my mind was present rather than far off. Nothing like a relaxed mind to start your day.