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Life Changing Manifestation Routines

Hello everyone! I want to chat about and share with you today how I added new systems and routines into my day-to-day routines and obviously, any manifestation ones are my favourite.


Mind Magic

This is my favourite process that I have done every single day for the last 8 months! Pick an area of your life that you want to improve, and then write out the old story. Get all the dirty details out on the page, you are getting ready to write a new story, and let this one go!

Next, what do you want to be true in this area of your life? What is the new story? Dream as big as you can imagine.

From there, create a short and sweet mantra that encapsulates how you want it to elevate you, and you want to be able to say it to yourself hundreds of times a day! And then, the process is to look for and write down your love list every day. Write down 10 good things, rather it be moments that made you happy, or evidence of your new mantra coming true! Soak up the goodness. Keep looking for the good and the wonderful things, and those are going to multiply like you wouldn’t believe!


Gratitude & Desires List

I got this one from Amanda Frances, and I love it. Take a piece of paper, and split it in half. On one half of the page, start writing out all the things you appreciate and are grateful for. Get into that feel-good, grateful blissful state. On the other half of the page, start writing out all the things you desire! Get excited about all of the things that are coming your way. See how fun it is to dream big, to think of your desires, and know that you will have all these with time!


Conscious Calibrating

I got this from Abraham Hicks. I like to do it out loud when I’m driving in the car on my own. I start by saying either my mantra or something I desire out loud. And then I say “that feels like..” and I just start describing all the feelings I would feel if that thing is true in my reality. I feel into it, I get excited and I just keep talking more and more out loud about what it feels like to have/experience that thing until I feel my vibration rise and I’m the frequency of the desire!



Create a mind movie that signifies your goal has come true and spend 10 minutes practicing it over and over again in your mind. Tap into the sensations, the sounds, the smells, the sights.. everything you possibly can keep practicing until it feels so vivid that it’s as if you just visited it in your mind (this is Quantum Creating!). This should feel super fun because it’s basically like you are visiting your desire and experiencing it again and again. You want it to feel as real as possible and experience the joy and happiness of it! This is a really powerful practice to do as you fall asleep each night as the combination of seeing images paired with emotion- and when you are half awake and half asleep when your conscious mind has sort of “turned off” oh man- it’s the perfect manifesting recipe!


Focus Wheels

I love this process I learned again from Abraham Hicks (can you tell I am fully obsessed with Abraham Hicks). Draw a small circle in the center of a page, and write what you want in the middle as a statement, ie: “I have unlimited energy!” Then draw a big circle around it filling up the page and then lines from the smaller circle to the end of the larger like spokes on a bike (12 of them or so).

Think of this as creating momentum towards your desires. You want to tune into your emotions and create statements that feel better and better that relate to your goals. Tapping into the feeling is important here, and I’ll explain why.

Make your first statement something you can get behind such as “I know what it’s like to feel energized”. Pretty neutral, no resistance, etc. Then you want to build on that statement and start aiming more and more.

But here’s the catch: if you try to leap too high too soon, you’ll feel negative emotion or resistance with it. (Such as not believing it or feeling it’s not possible, etc). Try to build one at a time into a BETTER FEELING THOUGHT.

I love how Abraham explains it as one of those spinning things at the playground. If it’s spinning super fast and you try to just hop on, you're going to get thrown off (ie: trying to go too big, too soon). The idea of the focus wheel is to get on when it’s stopped, and then build up the momentum while you are on it. Get it!? Good, let’s move on!


Vision Boards

This is a very important manifesting process to me because it’s how my whole journey started and got me into becoming a manifestation teacher after I held my first ever Vision Board Workshop! The idea behind Vision Boarding is simple- think about absolutely everything you desire, and find beautiful photos of each thing (or a quote) that represents that thing. I like to use Pinterest vs magazines because you want to find photo’s that speak to you and make your heart happy!

Get them printed and then put them onto a board with any other fun things like glitter, and writing, etc you want.

I like to make an evening of it and spend some time feeling what it will be like to have and experience each photo! Put it somewhere you can see it so that you can be reminded of it daily. I have mine posted up on my wall in my little office space, or at home, it’s right next to my bed!

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