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The 3-Day Vegan Guide for Busy Yogis

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

The vegan diet and lifestyle have long been popular, but it's becoming more and more mainstream due to its health benefits, ethical concerns toward animals, and its positive impact on the environment.

What better addition to your yoga practice than a vegan diet!

Each meal is balanced to give you the tastes to keep you satisfied and the nutrition you need to keep your energy up. While a vegan diet is ultimately a personal choice and preference, I thought I’d share with you a simple, vegan diet plan that you can easily try out and follow—whether you’re a vegan or simply curious about shifting to a plant-based diet.

Day One

Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

I love a big hearty breakfast, but I don’t often have the time to cook a big meal when I wake up. I’m someone who needs to eat first thing in the morning, so I’m always having some variation of this smoothie, sometimes swapping out or adding in fruit, depending on what I have available!

Quinoa Bowl

I love ingredients that can be batch-cooked in advance or packed easily to have on the go! This bowl can be assembled, and the dressing is added on when you’re ready to eat. It’s filling without feeling heavy so you can keep checking off your to-do list throughout the day.

Black Bean Burgers

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Homemade ones always taste better. I often make these on the barbecue in the summer and they’re a hit! Add a bun and your favourite toppings. This recipe yields approximately 10 patties and takes about 30-45 minutes.

Day Two

Sweet & Savoury Toast

Sometimes I just can’t decide what to eat and luckily for us, there are no rules about choosing both.

Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

If you’re looking for a dish to feed your friends who tell you they could never stop eating meat because they love bacon too much, this is it! I promise, both non-meat eaters and meat eaters love this one. They’re a little more time-consuming than my usual weeknight dinner theme I like to stick to (because who wants to cook after working all day? Not me!) but if you have some free time on a weekend, you won’t be disappointed.

Butternut Squash Soup

Soup season is the best, isn’t it? It means fall is here and the holidays are coming (sorry, summer lovers)! I usually make a soup once a week when the colder weather starts and freeze some for later in the season when things start to get busy. This soup is even better as leftovers if that’s possible and I would suggest pairing it with a nice sourdough. Yum!

Day Three

Avocado Tempeh Bagel

A little more fun than a smoothie, this great breakfast option is sure to keep you satisfied until lunch!

Spicy Udon Stir Fry

his stir fry is quick enough to make on your lunch break or for dinner any night of the week! This dish is also pretty versatile, and you can add or replace any vegetable you want to use up in the fridge.